EDF – Dismantling of water transportation suspension bridges

Dismantling of water transportation suspension bridges et and passage through irrigation canal using sump pump



In the early 1960s, the construction of the EDF canal, south of Sainte Tulle (04) required metal water transportation bridges to be built in order to ensure the continuity of the various irrigation canals that the EDF canal passed through. The two structures are suspension bridges spanning 115 metres. As a result of the various assessments which revealed the need to dismantle these water transportation bridges, in view of their condition and the fact that they are coated with lead paint, DIADES carried out the dismantling project, including the study of a specific phasing program, and the passage of water through the canal using a sump.

Client & Project Manager


Principal features

Plan the dismantling of a suspension bridge, taking into account the site constraints and checking the stability of the structure during all the phases of deconstruction, in order to then ensure the passage of water using a sump.

  • Suspension bridge spanning 111 metres

DIADES’ task

DIADES carried out both assessment and project management, which included the following planning stages:

  • Dismantling project,
  • Project to replace the liner by a sump crossing the EDF canal, thereby ensuring the continuity of the irrigation canals,
  • Preparing tender documents for the dismantling of the structures,
  • Analysis the tenders to assist the Client in selecting the contractors,

Supervising the works and guaranteeing compliance with all procedures in order to prevent any potential environmental pollution.

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