EDF – Pallon – Champcella footbridge

Studies into the restoration of the footbridge Layout and repair pre-project


The structure is a T-shaped reinforced concrete footbridge with four spans. It rests on the barrage of Pallon (05) over an opening of approximately 30 m.

The water intake structure of Pallon leans against a scree slope on the right bank, and a limestone cliff on the left bank. It was built in 1960 as a replacement for the previous structure which presented defects due to pressure from the right bank.

Client & Project Manager


Principal features:

  • Predominant ground/structure interface

Recalculation, repair and reinforcement of a T-shaped footbridge which is subjected to floodgate load and counter-weight, and the layout of an abutment which butts against the footbridge due to pressure from the ground: predominant ground/structure interface on the behaviour of the footbridge.


DIADES’ task

4 edf pallon 3 edf pallon

DIADES carried out the assessment and project management, including:

  • Pre-project layout of the abutment on the right bank to remedy and overcome the pressure from the scree on the right bank,
  • Recalculation of the structure, with and without taking into account the pressure of the scree,
  • Pre-project repair and everyday maintenance of the footbridge,
  • Pre-project reinforcement of the footbridge, using composite materials composite.

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