General Council of Bouches du Rhône – Tarascon Beaucaire Bridge

Periodic Detailed Inspection



The bridge of Beaucaire Tarascon allows the connection between these two cities spanning the Rhone with a total length of 409.30 m. This construction supports the provincial road 99 to PR 33+135. The guy is in range and two lateral sheets. It has 2 x 4 sheets of 12 guys.



Project Manager

District of Arles

Directorate of Roads, Transport and Equipment Technical Services

Principal features

  • Cable-stayed bridge with prestressed concrete deck
  • Bays: 5
  • Length: 409.30m

Visiting different parts of this exceptional construction was performed with very specific ways and adapted to the construction morphology:

  • Visit of the deck: 15m under-bridge Platform
  • Visit of the towers: 40m positive Platform
  • Tour support: Motorized boat


DIADES’ task

DIADES conducted a detailed inspection mission including periodic visits with specific ways:

  • The deck
  • Pillars
  • Guy wires
  • Supports

This inspection has highlighted the constraints of specific maintenance and service of this exceptional construction.




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