General Council of L’Yonne – Saint Moré Tunnel

Periodical detailed inspection


The St Moré tunnel is located on the D606 departmental road between Arcy and St Moré in the department of Yonne (department number 89). As part of the regulatory framework of the ITSEOA, the Conseil Général (regional council) of Yonne ordered a periodical detailed inspection of the St Moré tunnel.

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Principal features

Despite operational constraints, the operation was able to be carried out by day, with the closure of one traffic lane. The Conseil Général of Yonne put in place a marked-out alternative route along the length of the structure in order for the inspection of the tunnel wall to be carried out in optimal conditions.

  • 245-metre bidirectional tunnel of which 220 metres are underground
  • Width: 7.6 m
  • Size: 4.5 m x 7.6 m

DIADES’ task

1 SAint moré

DIADES carried out the periodical detailed inspection of:

  • The tunnel tube in its entirety,
  • The zones of influence,
  • The upstream and downstream tunnel entrances.

The periodical detailed inspection carried out by DIADES using a type 1B hydraulic lift revealed certain defects (cracking, defects in appearance, flaking, and so on) and enabled a routine and specialist maintenance program, in keeping with the Conseil Général de l’Yonne’s asset management policy, to be proposed.

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