LESCAR – Incineration Plant

Inspection of chimneys and areas of difficult access



In conjunction with the Mixed Syndicate of Waste Treatment (GDPS) environment, Béarn Environment (Séché group) commissioned a mission to provide technical expertise on the incineration plant of Lescar (64) in order gain an objective view of the plant with the aim to optimize its performance.
The purpose of this new mission was to update this inventory which, on a comparative basis, has revealed the developments since 2008.
This expertise has enabled differentiate between changes due to normal wear and tear, and those related to methods of conduct of the operator.

Client & Project Manager

Lescar 2

Principal features

The Diadès drone has allowed us to access the path that is difficult to reach, by nature of its environment and its vertical structure. We have not used crinolines.

  • Structure : Columns/Beams
  • Length: 81 meters
  • Width: 64 meters
  • Height: 43.60 meters

DIADES’ task

lescar 3

 To do this, we conducted a detailed inspection of the plant structure and chimneys.
These factors allowed to incorporate fault handling solutions, in the context of studies for the renovation of the plant.

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