Sustainability and Service level assessments

Sustainability and Service level assessments

Diadés conducts assessments of sustainability. These missions, which combine maintenance, programming, monitoring, tracking the behaviour of materials, can be used for licensors (State …) to ensure the status and validity of the concession contract for the infrastructure as part of the end of a lease, or from dealer councils to win a road, highway or rail concession, as part of a call for tender.

Pont de Stabiacciu

We also perform detailed studies of works’ Service Levels, analysing the actual residual bearing capacity of structures. Beyond regulatory audits, and backing these measures up with post-critical calculations based on targeted investigations. These measures are sometimes accompanied by programs of specific instrumentation with aim of determining the predictive behaviour of the structure.

These missions can be used to greatly reduce or defer in complete confidence, large maintenance, repair & strengthening programs, respecting individual budget or operational constraints, for example.

We also perform « forensic engineering » missions, to trace the precise chronology of a structures’ deterioration as part of a specialised expertise.

Diadès has assisted with the following Inspection projects, amongst others:

These projects are viewable in our references.