Réseau Ferré de France – Reopening of Avignon Sorgues – Carpentras line

Project Management : Reopening of Avignon Sorgues – Carpentras line


The French railway network RFF wished to modernise the railway line located in the department of Vaucluse and connecting Sorgues to Carpentras. This 16-km line will eventually link Carpentras and the fast speed TGV train station at Avignon.

The main objectives of the task are:

  • To reinstate the line’s original rail speed,
  • To sustainably maintain the line in use.

 The study looked at various single-span concrete or stone structures with modest apertures (approximately 1 m to 20 m) and at old-generation metal decks.


Client & Project Manager



Principal features

Carrying out complete project management to, firstly, determine the structures’ existing capacity to meet the program requirements (replacement of 7 decks), and, secondly, to rank the structures according to their condition and the feasibility of financing the works.

  • Restoration of 65 engineering structures and hydraulic structures.
  •  16 selected structures

DIADES’ task

Within the project management consortium, DIADES was required to provide complete project management (planning + works) of the renovation of engineering structures in order to restore the railways tracks between Sorgues and Carpentras, to include:

  • The pre-project,
  • Recalculation of existing structures,
  • Preparing the specifications for specific additional investigations such as underwater investigations,
  • Running specific investigations,
  • Running the asbestos and lead diagnosis on existing structures,
  • Ranking recommendations according to technical, safety and financial perspectives.
  • Project studies,
  • Tender documents,
  • Assistance in awarding contracts,
  • Project conformity assessment and approval of working plans,
  • Supervision of works,
  • Approval of works upon completion

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