Réseau Ferré de France – Saut de Mouton Bridge

Exceptional detailed inspection Rhin Rhône LGV high-speed railway line Saut de Mouton Bridge

2 pont lgv saut de mouton 1 pont lgv saut de mouton

As part of the future rail works due to be carried out to the Rhin-Rhône LGV high-speed railway line, East Branch, section A, 2nd phase, the track that crosses the Dijon-Dole railway line is intended to be used for road transportation. The structure that enables this crossing is located at Villers les Pots. Built in 1886, it is a 20-metre long rail bridge with lateral metal beams. All the metal parts are made of wrought iron, and they rest on two abutments built of rubble stone. The structure is no longer in service and one part of the tracks has been removed.



Managing Service

SNCF Région de Dijon 

Principal features

  • Rail bridge with lateral metal beams
  • Span: 1
  • Length: 20 m

DIADES’ task

3 pont lgv saut de mouton 4 pont lgv saut de mouton

DIADES carried out an exceptional detailed inspection which enabled them to:

  • to establish the current state of the structure after a long period of lack of use,
  • to check the feasibility of the project, by detailing the development due to be carried out,
  • to set out the works to be implemented in order to restore the structural condition of the bridge,
  • to take samples (paint and steel) in order to check for the presence of lead in the old anti-corrosion compound, of asbestos, and of the mechanical properties of the steel that makes up the structure.


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