SYTTOM Corèze – Waste-to-energy Plant (UVE)

Diagnosis of structures of the waste-to-energy plant (UVE) of Saint-Pantaléon de l’Arche


The purpose of the task was to establish the structural condition of the incineration plant of SYTTOM 19 as part of the works being carried out to reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions from the Household Waste Incineration Plant of Saint Pantaléon de Larche, owned by SYTTOM 19.

Client & Project Manager

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 Transport and Household Waste Treatment Syndicate of Corrèz

Principal features

  • Pole and beam structure,
  • Reinforced concrete pit and premises with infill of blocks with manufactured concrete,
  • Ovens: Steel and metal cladding

DIADES’ task

DIADES carried out a diagnosis task, which included:

  • The inventory and identification of the plant’s structural elements (structure of the building, structure of the equipment),
  • visual inspection of the different parts of the structure,
  • inspection report with summary and list of routine and specialist maintenance actions to be carried out in the short/medium/long term in order to ensure the durability of the structure over time.

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