Diadès and sustainable development

Diadès and sustainable development

Office Supplies

As a matter of routine we only print documents if absolutely necessary. All provisional and internal Company documents are printed on recycled paper. All our printed in black and white, in draft quality, in recto-verso mode, consolidated in size, to two pages per sheet.

We have installed special bins for paper recycling, together with bins for paper printed on one side, in order to reuse the blank side of these for rough drafts.

We give preference to the purchase of supplies that are manufactured from recycled materials, either recyclable or environmentally friendly, and strive to recycle all consumables used in our various missions (batteries etc..).


The travel commitments of our company staff are planned and geared toward reducing the use of car and airplane, limiting these cases to those strictly necessary. We prefer to opt for train travel or video-conferencing where possible.

We also educate our staff on the benefits of car-pooling for journeys to work.

And also….

Our concern in terms of sustainable development isn’t only limited to within our company. We consolidate our orders wherever possible, with the aim of also minimising external consumption. On this subject we also decided to add an « eco awareness message » to the end of all of our employees’ emails, stating: « Think of the Environment before printing this message ».